Fairground by Richie Stewart Fairground by Anneka Bracken Photograph by Richie Stewart Photograph by Chris Minors Photograph by Andy Cowman Photograph by Emma Lewis-Dale

creative photography

You understand the basics, you've grasped the principles; this course is about applying what you've learnt through active learning.

Learn in a dynamic way to develop your creativity and stretch your approach to photography. This course is all about taking yourself out of your comfort zone and gaining the confidence to push your own boundaries.

You will be asked to complete a series of challenges to improve your understanding of your camera's functions and strengthen your ability to express yourself visually. You will be encouraged to take more interesting and creative photographs.

The course includes

Small classes ensure plenty of individual support and constructive feedback.

Six-week courses – £120

2017 course dates

The Pound arts centre, Corsham SN13 9HX

Mondays 27 February to 3 April
6.30pm to 8.30pm

Please contact me to book a course.



(Left, from top)

Richie Stewart
Anneka Bracken
Richie Stewart
Chris Minors
Andy Cowman
Emma Lewis-Dale